About PT. Agromina Wicaksana

PT. Agromina Wicaksana


Being a multi national company in Agro Industry that is useful for the country, religion and for PT. Agromina Wicaksana and its surrounding.


1. Growing and developing PT. Agromina Wicaksana through Cold Storage Industry as its business base.
2. Setting the priority scale by choosing a business that has high profitability and continue in cold storage business.

Company Profile PT. Agromina Wicaksana



Integrity is one of our main values at PT. Agromina Wicaksana always conducts our business in an honest, fair and open manner


Since 2009, we have succeeded in expanding our market network throughout the world, and we continue to strive to increase our import-export volume and value every year.

International Standart Product

We have international certificates that demonstrate our ability and commitment to managing export-import activities in a structured and efficient manner.


Registration No. Vietnam: VR.B/D-131-16
Registration No. China: CR-267-16
Registration No. Korea: 15-180
Registration No. Canada: CND.B/D-262-16
FDA No.: 17517049988

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