We Are Leading Seafood Exporter in Indonesia


We Are Leading Seafood Exporter in Indonesia

Become a Multinational Company in Agro Industry

PT AGROMINA WICAKSANA was found by Mr. Edy Sudarto in 2009. The company covers an area of 3.063,85 square meters, with total construction area 1.554 square meters. The company mainly deals with export and processing seafood.


Integrity is one of our main values at PT. Agromina Wicaksana always conducts our business in an honest, fair and open manner


Since 2009, we have succeeded in expanding our market network throughout the world, and we continue to strive to increase our import-export volume and value every year.

International Standart

We have international certificates that demonstrate our ability and commitment to managing export-import activities in a structured and efficient manner.


We continue to strive to maintain and improve our Certified Guarantee in order to continue to be the leader in the marine processed export-import industry in Indonesia

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Exporting 20+ Countries

PT Agromina's Trusted Leadership in Agricultural Exports to 20+ Nations

PT Agromina, a beacon of trust in the industry, has fortified its reputation as a global leader by successfully exporting high-quality products to an impressive 20 countries, including Japan, China, Korea, South-East Asia, Middle East and Europe and etc. 

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Global Distribution Of Premium Seafood​​

PT.Agromina Wicaksana stands as a distinguished player in the seafood industry, offering a premium selection of frozen delicacies.

Our primary product range includes top-quality frozen shrimp, frozen shrimp cephalopod, and frozen marine fish. Renowned for their freshness and taste, our frozen shrimp exemplifies culinary excellence.

Empowering Futures

Agromina Wicaksana's Heartfelt Journey in Education and Compassion

In the realm of corporate altruism, PT. Agromina Wicaksana’s Agromina Education stands out as a beacon of compassion and empowerment. Through their impactful CSR program, the company is not just providing scholarships for children in need, but also extending a compassionate hand to orphans, offering warmth and care. Beyond mere responsibility, this initiative is a commitment to building a community where every child’s potential is nurtured, and every orphan finds solace. PT. Agromina Wicaksana is not just contributing; they are actively transforming lives, creating a lasting legacy of positive impact that transcends corporate boundaries.

Agromina Wicaksana, a global player in the seafood industry, offering top-quality frozen delicacies
Agromina Education transforms lives, beyond business, creating a lasting positive legacy
Agromina Wicaksana, a beacon of compassion, excellence, and responsibility in the agro industry
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