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+62 31 847 666 2   marketing@agrominawicaksana.com

Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Name


PT Agromina Wicaksna

Company Address


Jl. Berbek Industri V/25B Sidoarjo – Jawa Timur 61256 Indonesia

Telephone Number


62-31-8476662 (Hunting)







Plant Name


PT Agromina Wicaksana

Plant Address


Jl. Berbek Industri V/25B Sidoarjo – Jawa Timur 61256 Indonesia



Green Light Brand, Shine Brand, Great Shine Brand, Sorong Shrimp AAA Brand, and Clear Brand.

Started Operation


October 2010




PT Agromina Wicaksana process frozen White, Black Tiger, Sea Tiger, Flower, Vaname, Cuttlefish, Big Fin Reef Squid, Squid On Board, Spanish Mackerel and others. So far our product is Head Less, Head On, PUD, Pnd, Whole Round, and Fillet.

We export our product to Korea, China, Japan, Vietnam, Middle East and other countries in the world.


PT Agromina Wicaksana has enough facilities to support the export as follows:

  • 1 units of air Blast Freezer with the capacity 3 tons each.The freezing time is about 8 hours with temperature -35 degree until -45 degree celcius.

  • 3 units of Cold storage with the capacity 200 tons each.The room temperature -25 degree Celcius

  • 2 units of Contact Plate with the capacity 432 Kg each.

As a precaution we also have Metal Detector to prevent other metals which brought fish. With the above facilities, PT Agromina Wicaksana helped by 75 skillful workers can process about 2-3 tons a day for shrimp and 3-5 ton for fish whole round.

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